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Towards The Entrepreneurial Path

As a Malaysian Chinese Muslim, although I have been converted to Islam for many years, I am still looking for Halal Traditional Chinese cuisine, especially the Hong Kong-Style Dim Sum and Bakkwa (dried meat) that I miss so much. However, it is not easy to find halal traditional Hong Kong-Style Dim Sum and Bakkwa in the market.In order to let more Chinese Muslims and Muslim friends of other races to have the opportunity to taste the traditional and quality halal Hong Kong-Style Dim Sum, and also to let the Chinese community know more about us, the minority, my two Chinese Muslim friends and I who share the same impression, began our road to entrepreneurship.Stumbled all the way through all the hardships and challenges, we finally passed the application and successfully obtained the JAKIM Halal Certification.If you want to succeed, don’t be afraid of failure.